About us

Better Mortgage Management is one of Australia's fastest growing mortgage managers. We are committed to providing the best possible home loan options suited to the individual. At BMM, we base our operation on efficiency, technology and commitment to service. We offer an extensive range of flexible and competitive financial products. Our staff are well-qualified, experienced and we genuinely enjoy what we do – making it easy for us to offer the service you'd expect to enjoy from one of the fastest growing mortgage managers in the country.

Better service, better products, better rates

All Better Mortgage Management loans deliver competitive interest rates and additional benefits tailored to meet differing needs. And of course, you can combine one OR more different loans to give even more features and flexibility.

What is a mortgage manager?

A mortgage manager is responsible for arranging the funds for a loan. Mortgage managers also look after the ongoing prudent management of the loan through each phase of its existence - from credit assessment to the monitoring of loan repayments, insurance renewals, interest rate adjustments and loan variations.

Where do our funds come from?

At BMM we organise our funding for homebuyers and property investors from a variety of sources. We utilise a funding process known as securitisation - our loan pool is packaged into parcels and sold as bonds to investors. Ratings agencies such a Moody's and Standard and Poors' give the bonds that are issued in the Better Mortgage Management loan pool a AAA rating. In comparison, Australia's big four banks have AA+ to AA ratings.

How safe are our loans?

Every loan approved by Better Mortgage Management is overseen by a trustee who is wholly and completely independent of the investor, the mortgage manager (Better Mortgage Management) and the bond issuer. The trustee holds all important mortgage documents in safe custody and delegates the day-to-day management of the mortgage to a mortgage manager.

BMM's philosophy

At BMM, we understand that getting the right loan is important, whether assisting with owner-occupied home loans, investment property loans, business loans OR the refinance of existing loans. We manage expectations and place the highest degree of importance on 'follow-through'. Call us and see we really are better.

* Better Mortgage Management operates under the National Consumer Credit Code. We are also a full member of the MFAA and as such act under a strict code of ethics covering confidentiality requirements and dispute resolution procedures.