As every broker will tell you, every customer is different; with each client requiring a unique product that suites their ever changing needs. This can be a nightmare for brokers, as they know of many low doc loans or specialist loans that will be ok for their customer but only one (or a split combination) will truly match their customers needs. This leads brokers to research multiple low doc loans and specialist loans, call every BDM under the Australian sun; print and compare products, factor in the effects of risk fees, ongoing fees, application fees & possible changes in equity. The chase for the perfect product can often be confusing and time consuming; but in the end most brokers find the right one...or at least it is the right one, up until the customer says they have changed their mind and want to make some small changes. These small changes usually mean that the unfortunate broker has to go back to the drawing board and repeat this draining process all over again.

BMMs Comparison Calculator Brings You A Better Comparison Experience
BMM has heard the suggestion from many of their top brokers and responded by creating a web based application designed to lessen the stress and confusion Brokers experience. After months of development in BMMs secret underground research facility, BMM is pleased to announce the launch of their new Comparison Calculator for Alt/ Low Doc Loans & Specialist Loans. Our new calculator is designed with brokers in mind, aiming to provide you with a better way to compare products and facilitate greater compliance. 
BMMs new loan comparison calculator provides an in-depth analysis of BMM Alt/ Low Doc & Specialist products. The comparison calculator works by automatically grabbing available data about selected BMM products, quickly calculating and comparing each product & advising which product will have the lowest total costs, best payout figure, greatest equity, and more; helping you and your customer choose the product that best fits their needs. 

Key Features Of The New Comparison Calculators 

1. Compare BMM & Non-BMM loan products
BMMs Comparison Calculator contains many of BMMs best specialist & (alt) low doc loan products. Using dynamic name search, finding the exact product you want to compare has never been easier. One of the calculators key strengths is its ability to compare multiple BMM products and manually entered custom products; helping you analyse our products against others in the marketplace.

2. Experiment with Equity, I/O Periods & more
Our comparison calculator was built with experimentation in mind. The comparison calculator offers you the freedom to try and experiment with different options, based on the needs of your customer. You could play around with equity, or test the effects of different I/O periods, or even examine the effects of different LMI & Risk Fee types on the overall performance of a loan.

3. Automatically Filled Fields
BMM products are programmed to automatically fill many of the available fields within the comparison calculator. By linking the available BMM Alt/ Low Doc loans and Specialist loans products to the robust BMM database, the comparison calculator ensures up-to-date information for each product.

4.Built In Emailer
As an added extra, we have provided brokers with an easy, custom emailer; allowing you to send a copy of the results from the comparison calculator to your customer (as well as sending a copy to your email). The custom emailer allows you to provide your own email address as the sender of this email, so when it appears in your customers inbox, they will know it is from you and is not just spam or marketing. 

5. Greater Compliance
The comparison calculator allows brokers to compare up to 5 products at once, aiding your need for compliance when presenting loan product options to your customers. It also helps highlight the true cost of different product offerings, potentially aiding your customer in making a better, more informed decision. 

Try out BMMs new comparison calculator for Alt/ Low Doc loans and Specialist Loans and see how much easier and de-stressing it makes comparing loan products. The Alt/ Low Doc and Specialist Comparison Calculator is available for free for brokers and the general public.

Speed up the Learning Curve with our Comparison Calculator Video Tutorial
 If the calculatr seems a little confusing or you just want to master the calculator quickly for maximum effectiveness; then be sure to check out BMMs YouTube tutorial for the  Alt/ Low Doc and Specialist Comparison Calculator.

Posted on: 16-Oct-2015