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With the 2019 NRL season starting this week we are inviting you to participate in our annual NRL Tipping competition for brokers. We're offering over $1500 in cash prizes this year, with a $750 1st prize and the bragging rights of being the top NRL tipster in our industry.

This year, we are offering prizes that reward brokers for their skills, as well as ones that reward them for their luck. Whether you are a die-hard footy fan or just a casual viewer, you could walk away with a cash prize of $150 just by joining our comp.

The 2019 BMM NRL Tipping Competition is free to register & join; to register visit and join the "2019 BMM NRL Tipping Competition" by entering the code N5DZPJYL.  Register and place your tips on before the First Round starts Thursday 14th March 2019.
2019 BMM NRL Tipping Competition Prizes
1st Place
Tipster of the Year $750
Be the best Tipster in our 2018 competition! Come in 1st place on the ladder at the end of the season

3rd Place
Bronze Better Prize  $150
Come in 3rd place on the ladder at the end of the season
20th Place
BMM Open Door Prize $150

Commemorating 20 years since BMM first opened its doors, this prize is awarded to the lucky tipster in 20th place.

2nd Place
The Runner Up Prize  $250
Come in 2nd place on the ladder at the end of the season
Longest Streak
The Longest Streak Prize  $150
The "Streak" competition is determined by how many winning tips you can place in a row. This prize is awarded to the tipster with the longest streak at the end of the season
Middle of the Pack
Tipster in the Middle Prize

Be in the exact middle on the ladder at the end of the season. In the case of an odd number of entrants, the number will be rounded up.
e.g. If we have 237 entrants, 50% is 118.5 and this number would be rounded up, making 119th on the ladder our 'Man in the Middle'.

Need to Register Your Free NRL Tipping Account?
  1. Go to and Click on SIGN UP NOW
  2. Fill in the form with your details
Once registration is complete, join our comp by following the instructions below in 'Already registered an NRL Tipping Account? 

Already Registered a NRL Tipping Account?
  1. Log into your Tipping account
  2. Click the green menu item COMPS
  3. Click on the grey tab JOIN A COMP
  4. Find the I HAVE A COMP CODE search box
  5. Enter N5DZPJYL as the competition code & click SEARCH
  6. Click 'Join' on the comp called 'BMM 2019 NRL TIPPING'
Email to a friend
Invite a Mate to Play

If you have any mates (regardless of industry) who would want to play, potentially walking away with that top prize of $750 dollars; we encourage you to forward this invitation to them or post it to their social media page.

Remember they will need our unique comp code N5DZPJYL 
AND must join by Wednesday 13th March 2019.
Posted on: 08-Mar-2019