BMM is always looking to maintain competitiveness by updating its products in line with the ever changing Australian property & home loans market. The changes to BMMs home loans & commercial loan products in late 2015 are listed below. To stay up to date with BMMs home loans & commercial loans, interest rate & policy changes; keep an eye on this page throughout the last few months of 2015. For even more insight into BMMs full doc loans, low doc loans & specialist loans and a weekly selection of BMMs best products; subscribe to our mailing list.

OS Product Suite – For Non Resident Borrowers *NEW PRODUCT*
BMM has introduced three new products for Non Resident borrowers, their new line of products the OS Product Suite contains the new OS Leo, OS Leo Commercial & OS Premium.

Check out the new Rate Sheet & the OS Leo and OS-Premium Fact Sheet.

ABL Alt/ Low Doc Loans Product Suite
Our ABL product suite saw interest rates for Alt / Low Doc variable home loans decrease by 0.58%. Fixed interest rates for ABL Alt / low doc loans were also affected, seeing a reduction in 1 to 5 years fixed rates by 0.20%. These changes to our ABL Alt / Low Doc products apply for new customers only. Check out the Rate Sheet and if you have any questions, speak to your BMM BDM for more information.
ABL Fixed Rates YR 3 - 5 *Rate Reduction*
The ABL Fixed Rates have had a change to its rates, seeing Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 ABL Fixed Rates reduce by 0.25% (for Investors only). This investor rate reduction now means that for Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5; Owner Occupied and Investment loans have the same interest rate.

CapComm Commercial Suite
BMM has made some changes to the Capcomm Commercial suite; including: discontinuing the Capcomm Plus, updating the rate & policy for CapComm Gold & New Start. See the updated Rate Sheet.
Capital Specialist Suite
The Capital Specialist Suite has recently been updated with an increase to it’s variable interest rate. The variable interest rate for the Capital Specialist suite has risen between 0.20% & 0.30%, depending on the LVR & whether the product is full doc or Alt / Low Doc. Currently the lowest rate in this suite is the Capital Specialist Gold Full Doc <60% LVR 5.54% (Comp. Rate 5.79%)*.
We have decided to continue waiving the settlement fee for this product; extending this promotion until the 31/12/2015. Check out the updated Rate Sheet.
Credit Gold & Power Pack Full Doc Loans
Our Credit Suite has increased variable interest rates for the Credit Gold & Credit Power Pack by 0.17%. Currently the lowest rate in this suite is the Credit Power Pack <80% LVR 4.38% (Comp. Rate 4.55%)*. Get the Rate Sheet.
Flexi Suite
We have made a few changes to the Flexi Suite, increasing the Flexi Elite & Ultimate Suite 0.20%, whilst increasing the remaining products in the Flexi Suite by 0.10%. Currently the lowest rate in this suite for full docs is the Flexi Elite Full Doc <55% LVR 4.50% (Comp. Rate 4.55%)*.
We have also reduced the Risk Fee for Flexi One & the Specialist Suite by 0.25%. This offer expires on 31 January 2016. Get the Rate Sheet.
Taurus Commercial Suite Rates & Policy Update
We have increased the maximum loan term & lowered interest rates for our Taurus Commercial loan suite. Taurus Commercial and Commercial SMSF maximum loan term has been extended from 25 years, to 30 years. Review these lower rates in the updated Taurus Rate Sheet, and check out the updated fact sheets for Commercial and SMSF.
Speak to a BMM BDM to learn even more about this & other great products.
* Please see the comparison rate warning.



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Posted on: 16-Oct-2015