Have you recently renewed your home insurance policy?
Often, as a part of a mortgage terms and conditions, mortgage providers require a copy of your current home insurance policy. If you have recently renewed or updated your home insurance policy; then please check with your mortgage provider, as to whether you are required to send an updated version to them.

At Better Mortgage Management, we help our customers; providing them with the assistance and care they need, to update their information or home insurance policy with us. To find out how Better Mortgage Management could assist you as a customer, or the benefits of having a home loan through Better Mortgage Management; please contact our friendly customer service team: customerservice@bettermm.com.au or 1300 662 661 .

Want to know how Better Mortgage Management can help you with your home loan?

Our Customer Service team can help provide you with information that may assist you in your future home loan decision. Speak to our customer service team today or ask your broker about about Better Mortgage Management's range of home loans.

Please feel free to call us if you are interested in a home loan and:
  • You have struggled in the past to make loan repayments
  • Your broker says he can not use Better Mortgage Management
  • You want to know more about the facilities available to manage your mortgage

  • You are thinking of selling your property
  • You are thinking of changing your mortgage
  • You require additional funds for the purchase of a new property

  • You are looking to make property improvements
  • You are looking to borrow for other investments
  • You need to consolidate other debts

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Posted on: 13-Jun-2016