At Better Mortgage Management, we recently released some innovative apps on our website to help make mortgage brokers lives less stressful. These apps can be accessed without needing to use your broker login and is mobile & tablet compatible.

For Full Doc Loans, Alt Doc Loans & Specialist Loans

Our all-in-one Application Pack; removes the long process of sourcing loan application documents,. Now all you have to do is search for the loan product you want and the app does all the hard work, bringing you all the documents you will need to successfully lodge a loan application.

Need to email the forms to you customer or send yourself a copy? BMMs Application Pack has you covered with their Send to Someone feature, allowing you to send loan application documents to any email; without ever leaving the browser!
Check Out the Application Pack

Key Features
-  Easy BMM Loan Product Search
Provides BMM Product Snapshot
Provides all application documents
Built in email tool
Easy-to-use & Time saving

To help reduce confusion, we have created a handy How To video tutorial, providing a thorough overview of the app. This video tutorial will provide you with all the information you require. Watch our video tutorial 

For Alt Doc Loans & Specialist Loans

BMMs Alt Doc / Specialist Calculator is a innovative solution for Brokers that reduces confusion when comparing Alt Doc & Specialist products, as well as providing you with greater compliance.

The Alt Doc Specialist Calculator allows you to easily compare various BMM products, as well Non-BMM products; helping you pick the best product for your customers.

The new calculator provides brokers with an in-depth analysis of product offerings by factoring in loan amounts, lvr, risk fee, upfront fees, equity and more. Have a look at our Comparison Calculator

Key Features
  -  Compare BMM & Non-BMM loan products
  -  Experiment with equity options, different I/O periods & more
  -  BMM products automatically fill select fields
  -  Built in email tool
  -  Greater compliance

If the calculator seems a little confusing, check out BMM on YouTube tutorial for the Alt Doc / Specialist Calculator. The video tutorial can be found Watch the YouTube Tutorial.

Posted on: 08-Oct-2015