Are you frustrated by the fact you know BMM can help with almost all residential lending scenarios but you don't know where or how to find the best product?

Are you looking for an easy online search page which will provide you with the products you are interested in with just the click of a mouse?

Sounds like you need a P.A.L......or to be precise BMM's new Place a Loan Guide!

Recent feedback from surveys indicated that while our extensive product range (over 50 different products) greatly assist our Mortgage Introducers when assessing scenarios, it can be sometimes difficult and time consuming going through all our product sheets to find solutions.

To help you find a suitable BMM product to meet your customers needs quickly, we have developed a new loan placement guide called 'PAL' (place a loan). PAL includes all our products and their specifications on one easy to use interface, allowing you to search via several categories to find the loan/s that are available to suit your customer's needs.

Your PAL is ready for testing via you BMM login now, so be sure to check it out when you get a chance and tell us what you think!
Posted on: 07-Jul-2008