Have you sent us your updated home insurance renewal?
A copy of your current home insurance policy is required as part of the terms and conditions of your loan. So if you have recently renewed your insurance policy, please forward a copy via email customerservice@bettermm.com.au or fax (07 3831 6500) to the Customer Service team.

Need to make a change to your details or circumstances?
Our Customer Service team would like to help you understand what’s involved in making any changes so they can look at the options that may be available to you. 

Please contact us as soon as possible (as some things take longer to organise than others) so we can look at options available and offer solutions!

Please talk to us first if:
  • You are struggling to make your loan repayments
  • You have changed the bank account details your payments are made from
  • You need help with internet banking or other functions of your loan

  • You have sold or are thinking of selling your property
  • You are thinking of changing your mortgage
  • You require additional funds for the purchase of a new property

  • You are looking to make property improvements
  • You are looking to borrow for other investments
  • You need to consolidate other debts

Better Mortgage Management
1300 662 661
Posted on: 21-Apr-2016