In some areas, it is a sellers market, whilst in other areas ... 

In some areas, it's a seller's market, whilst in other areas, its gone flat; but no matter the condition; most Australians agree that they would like a way to add value to their property. Every man (or Woman) and his dog (or cat or bird or goldfish) has, in their own words, a Sure Fire Tip to make your house more appealing. Some of the advice you might is great, however a lot of it is terrible, often garnering from us a response of "Oh yeah I'll have to try that sometime" whilst secretly sorting the idea in the "Yeah Right" pile.

So what are some of the most popular and successful tips you can actually use to help boost the value of your property? We've put together a list of 8 value adding tips for your home.  

Everyone is looking for the magic bullet to make their home sell faster and for a better price than the one down the road. It can be easy to get caught up in the home reno boom, and to get overwhelmed by the possible tricks you can use to make your house scream 

So here's a rundown on the most popular and successful outlays to increase the value of your home and to help ensure buyers are, well, knocking down your door to sign on the dotted line.


Colour Me Sold

A paint job can be a pretty easy and cheap renovation tool and will bolster that all important first impression. Best of all, it's one of those jobs many can do for themselves.

An exterior lick of paint will clean up grimy or weather beaten walls and make it look like the house was just built. Interior paint can add tonality and mood to the experience of walking about and imagining you're living there.


Most Important Rooms in the House

It may come as a surprise but the kitchen and the bathroom are generally considered the most important rooms in so far as appealing to buyers .

So, if you're going to spend on renovations, aim for these rooms first.

A slick clean kitchen and an indulgent bathroom, especially as an en suite, are particularly appealing.

But don't overdo it. Some buyers may think the house price is too high to account for over-the-top renovations.


Energy Lift

As utility prices soar, more buyers are looking to minimise costs by making their homes more energy efficient. Structural additions, such as good insulation or double-glazing can add value, while bolt-ons, such as solar heating will excite the energy conscious. Water tanks, water saving devices on outlets or adjustable lighting are relatively cheap and all add to a buyer's interest.

Where these plusses are hidden, say if they are under the house, make sure they are known and are part of the home specifications.


Grass is Greener

Untidy or difficult to maintain yards and exterior areas are a big turn-off. Not only is the front yard the first-first appearance of the home, it is where the buyer will see others judging them when they are there. The backyard is where prospective buyers imagine themselves and their family and friends relaxing. Don't make that dream difficult to attain. Make your yard easy, say by adding rocks and mulch, and make sure the front kerb area is clean and well kept.


The Big Picture

Many get caught up in too many property ideas and forget that most buyers want a home that is airy, bright and easy to maintain. Crank up the light and space, or if it's a big home and may become cavernous, shape the light and space effectively to increase the value of your home and ensure getting around the place on an inspection feels like home. New modern windows are a great value-add, especially if you have old wooden ones which need a weightlifter to open. Clean windows are an often neglected aspect as they add to the feel of light, space and cleanliness. 

Posted on: 27-Mar-2017