Over the last few years many lenders have stopped offering SMSF products.  This has created a gap and a sector of the lending market that could be considered under serviced.  

Recognising the need for competitive products BMM have revamped its product range including reducing rates by up to 0.34% on Residential SMSF's and increasing Commercial LVR's to 70%.  BMM offers loading solutions for the Residential and Commercial SMSF customers.   

Some of the product main features include:- 

True Blue Residential SMSF
- Up to 80% LVR for P&I and IO 
- Rates from 5.39% P&I up to 80% LVR
- Opening SMSF Balance $150,000
- Minimum Liquidity 10% of Debts Post Settlement

True Blue Commercial SMSF
- Up to 70% LVR P&I max $1m
- No Interest Only loading
- Purchase or refinance of an existing Comm SMSF
- Residential Off the Plan or Units <12 months old considered

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Posted on: 17-Jan-2020