1. Upgrade Doors and Windows
Stylish new doors or windows that provide better insulation, could make your home more energy efficient & eco-friendly, which can be a strong appeal to some buyers.

2. Remodelling your kitchen
A popular option for many home owners, remodelling your kitchen can add value to your property. Try not too get carried away; plan a budget and always consult an expert.

3. Create Space
Open up the space in your home (where possible) to create a sense of flow throughout your entire house.
i.e. If you have a kitchen island  and you have enough  cupboard space in the remainder of your  kitchen, considering removing it or changing it.

4. Landscaping 
Tangled trees & unkempt shrubs can obscure views, darken interiors, promote mould and block a good look at your home; potentially lowering its value.

5. Paint
Applying a fresh coat of paint when needed helps your home look alive, modern and overall well-lived; potentially increasing its value and preventing it from looking like it ‘needs repairs’.

6. Go Green with Solar
Research published by The Appraisal Journal estimates that energy saving options (like roof top Solar Panels) adds up to 20x annual savings (i.e. the amount you save on your power &/or gas bills in a year) to the value of your property.

7. Flooring
The type of flooring you have in the rooms of your home contribute to the overall value of your home. Whether you have polished hardwood, tiles, etc.; make sure you have flooring that compliments & adds value to the room, as well as the home.

8. Modernize your bathroom
Unless you are going for a classical look, it is worth considering a  bathroom  remodelling.  Start small and build a plan that seeks to maximise value & appeals to your interests.

Posted on: 21-Apr-2016