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Standard Suite

Vivid Full Doc (pdf)

Premium Standard (pdf)

Premium Standard (85 No LMI) (pdf)

Bold Residential (pdf)

Optimal Platinum (pdf)

Aspire Residential (pdf)

Non-Genuine Savings

Premium NGS (pdf)

Alt Doc Suite

Vivid Alt Doc (pdf)

Edge Residential (pdf)

Optimal Platinum (pdf)

Non-Resident/ Expat/ Visa Holder

Aspire Expat (pdf)

Aspire Visa Holder (pdf)

Bold Visa Holder (pdf)

Vivid Non-Resident (pdf)


Aspire SMSF (pdf)

Bold SMSF (pdf)

Edge SMSF (pdf)

Specialist Suite

BMM's Specialist suite loans suit PAYG borrowers or self-employed borrowers, with or without financials who don't meet the requirements of traditional lenders (banks and non-banks). For example, borrowers with adverse credit entries, borrowers with irregular employment patterns such as seasonal or contract work or borrowers requiring high LVR's who are recently self-employed or without adequate savings history. Companies and Trust borrowers are ok in most instances. BMM's Specialist suite loans are designed to deliver the maximum flexibility at the lowest possible interest rate.

Premium Specialist Clear (pdf)

Premium Specialist Plus (pdf)

Premium Specialist Assist (pdf)

Edge Residential (pdf)


Edge Commercial (pdf)

Bold Commercial Purpose Commercial Security (pdf)

True Blue Commercial (pdf)

Fixed Rates

BMM offer fixed rate options on almost all loan facilities, allowing borrowers to lock in an interest rate for a particular period of time, usually 1-5 years. Fixed rates offer an assurance that repayments will not change for the fixed period. If interest rates rise, the rate will remain the same however, if interest rates drop, a fixed loan will keep the borrower at a higher rate. Indicative fixed rates are available on application but cannot be confirmed until the day of settlement.